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June 1, 2012

Download Free MMORPG : Born to Fire Online

    Born to Fire is a forthcoming 3D free to play MMOFPS developed by South Korea developer FunTree, It all starts after the Cold war. Special agents and elite troops are everywhere, seeking their way to conquer the now free-fire world. And you are one of those guys. Following classes will be available: Rifleman, Duelist, Heavy Hitter, and Warden, each with its unique story, outfit, equipment, weapons, and of course skill pool.

      In Born to Fire, Players will be allowed to customize their weapons through hundreds of purchasable items and customizations, accessible from the ingame store. Also, the data-driven matching system guarantees finely balanced matches, which take place in 16 different maps through 5 feature modes. While for those who love group competition, the game offers a room where 8 vs. 8 match is possible, With the ingame Record system, each player’s behavior during the campaign can be captured and can be used for further study, especially researching how your enemies are defeated and win.

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